About fotofeed

fotofeed is a brand new Instagram stream displaying quality photographs. Selections of your best photographs started the 1st of august, 2019.

How fotofeed works

It is quite simple. If you have an Instagram account ‘We select only one photo per photographer in a 365 and want to show your works in the fotofeed stream, days period, but feel free to submit several good simply add “#yourfotofeed” in captions or comments photographs, without any limitation. We want toof your photos. show your very best photo!

After one year of photos selection, our project is toIf we select one of your photos, it will be added in the edit a photo book containing the 365 selected fotofeed stream, with your name and link to your photographies of the year. This book will be available Instagram account, of course. We will select one photo before December 2020 in the future shop section of this website.


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